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      Hi, thank you for visiting 715 jewelry (formerly By the Lake Designs) I am a single mama with 3 beautiful children who are my biggest motivation to follow my dream. I have a 22, 20 and 11 year old. My 20 year old has moderate autism and is at my shop often, and he LOVES to talk to my customers and tell you about his dinosaurs and his many videos on his phone. He also has his own line of greeting cards that he has created for sale in the store!

  I started my hand stamped jewelry business in September of 2012. I have always had a creative artsy side and I never thought I would someday have a real "JOB" where I can let my creativity flow. Since 2012, I have been lucky enough to work with a local jeweler, who took me under her wing and taught me what I needed to know to start  my exciting path to becoming a jeweler. 

          In 2018 and again in 2019 I attended advanced courses at one of the top rated jeweler schools in the country. Completing the courses at New Approach School for Jewelers gave me the knowledge and hands on experience to be able to create unique high end jewelry made from your own sentimental jewelry and gemstones.          

           My job is a little different than the common jeweler. My goal is to create jewelry that has special meaning to you. Creating jewelry out of family jewelry by melting it down, using the gemstones out of a family heirloom, or simply creating a new piece of jewelry to represent something that you hold close to your heart. I also love to do repairs on jewelry. I have a sentimental side that believes in keeping the original or at least part of it instead of replacing it with something new.

          Memorial jewelry is one section of my business that my customers seem to love the most. I lost my own father at age 26,  being able to keep his memory alive through handwriting jewelry has been a big inspiration to my business.  Engraving your loved ones or children's fingerprints or handwriting on a custom piece of jewelry creates a sense of closeness even when they can't be with you.


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